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How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters by Yourself

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters
In this post I will be showing you the best and secure way to clean your Camera if you have never done that yourself. I personally hate having dirty lenses and filters, and I think You to do. It’s so painful when you go home download your photos to your computer and realize from the spots on your images that your lens or filter was full of dust and dirt.

Do you know a dirty optics, this can and will surely affect the quality of your photographs.

If you don’t clean your camera lenses and filters you will spend a lot more time editing and trying to clean the image from those spots. You can save yourself that time and probably also save your gear too if you deal immediately with dirt and learn how to clean them properly. Here’s my tips on how to do it.


How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters

Pay Attention When Cleaning Your Camera Lenses and Filters
First of all, I want to keep things simple and make sure you can learn how to clean and take care of your lenses without damaging it.

What To Do

As you have heard I have to say that for this reason I recommend you to not clean your gear too often.

Especially with chemicals. The glass of your lenses and filters is durable, but by using chemicals you risk damaging its resistance and making it more prone to scratches.

Stay away from any chemicals that’s not a dedicated lens cleaning solution. And even then, my word of advice is, use it sparingly.

Dust and dirt are going to be normal when you use your gear especially if you travel or use it outdoor. Dust is everywhere and it will get onto and inside your lens.

Store Your Gear Safely
A good use of your lens caps when you store your lenses and some attention when you attach a lens to your camera body, will reduce the amount of dust they collect. Especially on the rear of the lens.

I repeat again. For a little bit of dust here and there you don’t need to clean your lens.

Smudges and oily finger prints though are another type of problem. They can really cause your image to be blurry and lose its quality.

Here Are The Best Way to CLEAN Your Lens an Filter

Cloth and tissues
Why do I pick Cloth and tissues as my first choice. It is simple and affordable to use.
Moreover, when it comes to use a cloth use only microfiber. I keep one or two always in my bag and I make sure that I only use it for my lenses and for nothing else. Cloths will be re-used multiple times so the secret is to keep them clean. Wash them if you need and make sure to not use chemicals or it will leave streaks on your lenses and filters.

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Chemical Cleaners
Now before talking about cleaners let me tell you that I never had to use it. I keep my lenses safe at all time and also clean the inside of my camera bag sometimes to avoid carrying my gear (Cameras) in a dirty environment.

Then I always use blowers, brushes and cloth. The only liquid I use is water and in very extreme cases. Just damping a cloth if needed and it will be just fine.

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters

Sometimes tough dedicated cleaners can be good if oily fingerprints are not getting away easily. Make sure you use only dedicated cleaners, the ones that are meant for lenses. How to Clean Your Camera Lenses and Filters

USE YOUR LENS CAPSLens caps seem to have become something more of personal preference in the last few years, judging by the posts I see on Facebook. People just get sick of losing them and end up not bothering with them any more. But, they are the single best way to help prevent dust from accumulating on your lens elements.

I’m one of those that got sick of losing lens caps, especially when there’s so many different diameters of filter to account for

Use Blowers

Please note: make sure you don’t use it to blow your sensor. It can be done, but it takes particular attention and I advice you don’t even try it on your own.

Our focus will be on how to blow your lenses and filters.

Blowers are the best way to avoid scratching your glass. I recommend using the blower a few times before using it on a lens to get rid of the dust it might have inside. They can be very efficient with small particles and very gentle with your lens.

Though Blowers are a mandatory tool for a photographer, I personally do not have one. I always rent one. Get one now and it will serve your needs for a very long time!
Planning to get mine though.

You can buy them on jumia or jiji.

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In conclusion, I hope you have learnt about the the new way on how you can clean your camera lens and filters or do you have any other method used in cleaning your lenses and filters other than the one mentioned here?
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